DiaMondiaL Strep Kit
A unique streptococcal grouping latex agglutination kit for the rapid identification of beta-hemolytic streptococci of groups A,

B, C, F, G and D from primary culture plates. DiaMondiaL's use of a modified nitrous acid extraction has allowed the kit to offer a group D latex to be used in the same convenient manner as the other group latex.


Immediate modified nitrous acid extraction procedure
Accurate results in one minute at room temperature


As little as one colony required


All colour-coded reagents are ready-to-use and remain in only one space-saving workstation.


Blue latex particles on a white reaction card, create one easy-to-read result.


Strep-Select option allows you to select the latex reagents you want for your requirements.

DiaMondiaL Strep Grouping Kit Features

Identification of groups A, B, C, F, G, and D!
Easy-to-interpret positive and negative results
Complete procedure performed at room temperature within 2 minutes
All reagents are liquid ready-to-use
Available in convenient kit format or separate components for ultimate convenience and economy
All components are colour-coded for ease in identification
No special equipment required
Colour-coded extraction reagents provide a visual check on the extraction procedure