Proficiency Testing

What is proficiency testing?
Proficiency Testing is a type of external quality control to measure a laboratory's accuracy. The practice of testing unknown specimens from an outside source provides an additional means to assure quality laboratory testing results.

But how do you monitor the quality of your laboratory´s results?
Laboratory results are very dependent on such variables as the method used, equipment, procedures, and the skills and training of the analyst.
Proficiency testing provides a documented, independent assessment of a laboratory's ability to produce accurate results.

Successful performance in an external proficiency testing program is a key indicator of high laboratory quality and an integral component of laboratory accreditation.

bioTRADING offers a chemistry scheme and a microbiology scheme. Please find available schemes below. If you want to participate to these ring trials please fill in this contact form.

Catalog American Proficiency Institute


Available schemes Proficiency Testing
Chemistry Proficiency Scheme 2015
Microbiology Proficiency Scheme 2015

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