Microbank™ Bacterial & Fungal Storage System

Microbank™ is a convenient, ready to use system designed to greatly simplify the storage and retrieval of bacterial cultures. Microbank™ comprises of a unique cryovial system incorporating treated beads and a special cryopreservative solution.
This easy to use system offers many advantages over traditional methods of preserving or maintaining organisms for research or quality control. Just 4 steps are required to preserve any bacterial culture for many months or years.

Microbank Portfolio Master

Key Benefits:

* Easy use provides microbiologists with a much simpler alternative to traditional methods of lyophilization or use of glycerol broths.
* More reliable means of maintaining important bacterial cultures than repetitive subculture which can result in contaminated cultures, loss of organism or introduced changes in bacterial characteristics.
* Provides multiple identical cultures, each Microbank™ vial contains 25 beads providing 25 cultures from the original organism.
* Inexpensive, very cost effective means of keeping control organisms compared to lyophilization, repeated subculturing or having to purchase comercial control stains.
* A 20 well insulated cryoblock is available which enables the operator to remove a number of microbank™ vials from the freezer for sub culture without risk of the culture beads defrosting. The cryoblock is insulated with a polystyrene shield.
* Assists accreditation. Offers every laboratory a convenient means of establishing their own bacterial culture collection which can be important for laboratory accreditation.

Storage Box
bioTRADING offers an even simpler way to store your Microbank™ cryovials. These stackable storage boxes are available in two colours and made to fit metal rack in the freezer. Clear writing surfaces on top of these storage boxes have 81 numbered squares for easy sample identification.

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