Antibiotic Susceptibility Discs

Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs

These cotton-based paper discs are 6.5mm in diameter and are easily identified by the internationally agreed 3-digit product code, and use of biologically inert dyes for colour coding.


Discs are supplied in glass vials of 100 discs. Silica-gel is used to maintain dryness.


Plastic cartridges containing 50 discs are supplied in re-sealable foil sachets. There are 5

cartridges per sachet. Silica-gel is used to maintain dryness. The cartridges are designed to be universal and as such can fit all commonly available dispensers or ejectors (with the exception of the BD dispenser. Development to adapt our cartridges is currently in progress). These enable the application of multiple discs to each agar plate.


These Discs are made to the highest quality and conform to current regulatory requirements.

Rigorous quality control ensures consistent disc performance. Research continues to ensure that we are up to date with the latest manufacturing techniques to stabilise antibiotics most liable to deterioration.


Some of the most popular discs are kept in stock and any other discs are manufactured on request. These can be of any antibiotic (subject to availability) at any strength. We will do our utmost to fulfil your product requirements. Product codes state the 3-digit code of the drug then concentration. For vials of 100 discs, no suffix is applied, for vials of 50 discs, apply "-V" and for cartridges, apply "-C".

For example, Ampicillin 10µg: 

Vial of 100 discs AMP10
Cartridges AMP10-C